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Development / Construction / Real Estate / Investment

The Story of Auta Group began in 2012. Back then we were a developer focused on the small residential property development.

Today, we are privileged to become a one-stop property group and provide the services including development, construction, real estate and investment for all our clients.

During the last 8 years, more than 70 projects have been developed and built by us. Auta Group has cultured an enterprising team which aspires perfect quality to bring more high-quality and cost-effective residential properties to the market.

In 2020, the company has scheduled 9 residential projects and 2 commercial developments. STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE is our belief, we will bring the concept of a better and extraordinary living experience to you.

Our Services

We are your one stop property specialists.

Our experienced consultant team would be delighted to visit your block of land and work out the suitable design.

From the concept plan to the completion, you will see your home take shape step by step.

Our professional and thoughtful services ensure the whole process of buying and selling hassle-free.

South Australia offers pathways for those wishing to undertake property development as a business in order to satisfy migration requirements.

Our Team

We focus on the process and result