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James Guo
Managing Director

E: james.guo@autagroup.com.au


An entrepreneur at heart, James has run a successful property development company and managed a construction team since 2012. It’s James’ keen attention to detail that had him setting benchmark for our team from the very beginning. James has extraordinary property industry savvy and that’s why company’s projects have been increasing by 25% for five years in a row. He never lost sight of our core purpose: to become an excellent one-stop property solution provider. Therefore, James established Auta Real Estate in 2017 to expend Auta Group. James’ role as Managing Director of Auta Group is to source, manage and deliver investment grade development projects across Adelaide.

Jenny Tran
Principal / Sales consultant

M: 0433 519 579

E: jenny.tran@autagroup.com.au


A dedicated professional and highly effective sales agent, Jenny Tran brings a fresh combination of enthusiasm and insightful market knowledge to the sale of every property she presents. She is specialised in Southern and South Eastern suburb and works hard to ensure premium results for properties sold on behalf of her clients.

Her positive attitude and friendly personality are matched by her ability to fluently speak several languages including Vietnamese, Mandarin and English. She has a genuine appreciation for taking to and meeting new people plus she thrives off the competitiveness of real estate sales.

She has quickly gained a reputation as personable and reliable character who gains the trust of both sellers and buyers while offering customer service that goes above and beyond what is normally expected.



Craig Hopkins
Construction Manager

M: 0413 001 293

E: craig.hopkins@autagroup.com.au

Dan He
Sales Manager

M: 0450 014 619

E: dan.he@autagroup.com.au


Dan always does his best to achieve optimal results for his clients and provides exceptional customer service with a fine attention to detail. His passion for the real estate industry, professional working attitude and achievements has led to outstanding results in his career.

He is dedicated to helping both buyers and sellers achieve their property goals. With strong communication skills and excellent negotiation ability, he is able to fully understand customer needs and find the best match. This is even further enhanced by his ability to speak fluent Chinese Mandarin and English. He always listens to clients first, understands their needs and offers suitable suggestions.

He keeps updating and broadening his knowledge related to real estate including government regulations. Agency rules. Banking and the analysis of financial data. He regularly follows up and makes sure each client stays on track. Strong attention to detail and highly developed time management skills ensure every project Dan takes on receives full consideration.

Peter Huang
Deputy Manager

M: 0432 535 249

E: peter.huang@autagroup.com.au

Bruce Su
Executive Manager

M: 0430 628 655

E: bruce.su@autagroup.com.au


Calm, cool and collected. Add to Bruce’s efficiency, attention to detail and extensive facility management and engineering background and our client could have a main contact point who rivals the best practitioners in the project management.

 Having worked in executive offices for four years, Bruce has a vast understanding of the importance in acting as a liaison allowing for the executives’ time to be maximized as well as assisting in any way I can to reach the company’s goals.

 With one-year old big boy, there’s plenty to keep Bruce busy away from his everyday job but on those rare occasions when he finds himself with some spare time, you may spot him at the gym or soccer field.


Aaron Chiew
Site Manager

M: 0425 704 297

E: aaron.chiew@autagroup.com.au

Sam Cui
Administrative Assistant

E: sam.cui@autagroup.com.au

Connie Zhang

E: connie.zhang@autagroup.com.au

Young Kim
Sales Consultant

M: 0432 583 034



In order to provide exceptional customer service to Auta Developments Group customers, Young Kim acts as interior design assistance with strong communication skills and whole picture consideration.

He knows that it is important to deliver results beyond expectations and always strives to achieve outstanding performance for real estate sold on behalf of clients.

Young is warm and friendly, always available to customers and he is a straightforward and proactive approach.

He holds a Civil Engineering Honor degree from the University of South Australia in 2016 and he is a fully licensed real estate agent that guarantees buyers and sellers through a fresh and dynamic approach to real estate transactions.

Gary Yiu
Sales Consultant

M:0450 360 105



Gary Yiu is new to industry but don’t let that fool you – he is super keen to soak up anything Real Estate. Fine tuning the draft plan into well design as he has civil engineer background, he can also provide professional appraisal for the vendors as registered real estate sales agent.

Have been in Australia over 10 years, Gary always kept positive attitude towards work and challenge with his ambitious and eager to learn. ‘Opportunities don’t happen. You create them’ that’s what Gary always says and He is an excellent team player with proficient language skills in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Outside of work, Gary likes music and book, but you can also find him on a soccer field.



Samuel Ma
Sales Consultant

M: 0404 091 020

E: samuel.ma@autagroup.com.au

Calm, enthusiastic and patient. Samuel is originally born in China and came to Australia to further his education. He has a background in landscape designing and the real estate industry during his time in China, continuing his real estate career here in Adelaide.Samuel brings with the added advantage of speaking Mandarin and English which gives him the ability to attract a wider range of buyers and sellers. He never stops looking for ways to grow his career in the real estate industry.

Leo Liu
Sales Consultant

M: 0411 379 001

E: leo.liu@autagroup.com.au

With his dynamic energy and focus, Leo provides delicate and tailored care to his client. He is extremely motivated and very passionate about all facets of real estate. Leo works tirelessly to achieve the very best result for his clients’ property. Meanwhile, desire to help his customers achieve long term financial goals through smart property investment with delicate and tailored client care.

Alice Zhong
Sales Consultant

M: 0452 641 316

E: alice.zhong@autagroup.com.au

Alice is a highly motivated salesperson who brings a fresh enthusiasm to buying and selling property, prides herself on her ability to communicate freely and openly with people of all ages and from all walks of life. With an impressive background in property, Alice has a strong understanding of the market and has a great ability to see untapped potential in real estate. She is also an excellent team player with proficient language skills in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. For Alice, it’s not about selling houses, it’s about creating dreams.

Ernest Wong
Sales Consultant

M:0403 701 415


Ernest worked as a property manager for years and so bringing with him experience and knowledge when it comes to dealing with property selling.

Holding both the license of property management and sales he knows well the importance of listening to client’s needs and help to achieve what they want.

Friendly, honest and approachable. Ernest will love the opportunity to meet up with you for appraisal or discussion either about sale or property management in general.


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